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Unique Clothing Details Found In Anthropomorphic Animal Comics

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What if animals walked and talked like humans? That question is often answered in highly detailed and imaginative anthropomorphic animal comics. The comics showcase a blended world where animals exist on their own or mix their everyday lives with humans. Along with walking on two legs, talking, and working, the characters often wear clothes.

The artists who create anthro comics must come up with unique ways to showcase animal clothing designs. Check out some of the unique details you can spot the next time you read one of the comics. Once you notice all the little details, you can appreciate the time, work, and creativity that goes into the comics.

Tail Holes

Unlike a majority of animals, humans do not have tails. When we put on jeans, pants, or dresses, we do not need to worry about where to tuck our tails. The artists who create anthro comics must figure out unique ways to create clothing with tail holes in the design. Instead of just tucking the tail in, the tail will often swing out freely through a hole.

In many comics, the tail can help showcase emotion and specific character traits. A tail can also become a useful prop. Look for comic panels with back angles on the animals to see the unique ways tail designs become incorporated into clothing choices.

Hat Adjustments

When animal characters wear hats, artists must design unique ways to fit the ears into the hats. The ears could poke through the sides of hats. Some hats may feature holes that the ears stick up and through. Some animals like bulls will also have horns that need a place through the hat.

A character could wear a thin design that the horns wrap up and around. Other characters may wear alternative hat designs or coverings like a bandana. The hat is another way to add personality and a few little adjustments can make a difference in the way characters look and wear them.


Wearing accessories provides a good way to add extra details to drawn characters and allows them to stand out from others. For example, you will commonly see characters wearing glasses. Without the same noses or snouts as humans, comic creators must come up with creative ways to showcase glasses. Look for unique frame designs so the glasses look normal on animals.

Other accessories may include ties, ascots, or ear piercings. The little details really come to life on the characters when they wear the accessories.

Purchase print or digital versions of various anthro comics to see all the great artwork and effort put into clothing designs.