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Buying Abstract Art? Make These Decisions

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If you often enjoy visiting art galleries and particularly enjoy standing in front of abstract pieces and thinking about what you're seeing, you might be interested in having one of these paintings hang in your home. A piece of abstract art can be a good addition to many areas of your home, including your living room, dining room, and primary bedroom. Visit a gallery that has abstract art for sale so that you can begin to assess your options. While it's important to find a piece of art that is within your budget, you'll want to make the following decisions about what to buy.

Color Vs. Black And White

It's a good idea to think about whether you want a colorful piece of abstract art or a piece that only uses black and white hues. Both styles are readily available, and each has its benefits. If you love the look of a few specific colors, finding a piece of art that features these colors can be a good addition to your home. However, if you decorate in more of a simple and modern way with subtle hues throughout the space, a black and white abstract design may be a better visual fit.

Calm Vs. Busy

Abstract art can vary a lot. You'll see some pieces that have a calm look and others that are busier. A calm-looking piece of abstract art may involve a lot of white space and may have just a few lines or blotches, for example. Other pieces have a lot more going on, resulting in a busy look that has an energetic feel. Both styles of art can be appealing, but you'll need to decide which style is the better fit for where you'll hang the art. For example, if you're looking for something for your dining room wall, you might favor a calm piece to promote calmness when your family is eating.


Some pieces of abstract art have no recognizable shapes, while others feature renderings of shapes that can carry some meaning to you. If you're interested in the latter design, you'll find lots of various options. For example, something that is abstract but that has one or more cross shapes can be a good fit for a family that is religious. Or, if you look at some art that has a few triangular-shaped designs, these shapes may remind you of pizza slices and be good for the wall of your kitchen. Assess the various shapes on pieces of art and decide what will look best in your home.

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