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4 Advantages Of Live Event Painting For Schools

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A live event painting includes detailed art mixed with music and excitement all in one show. Live event painting is held at all different venues, including schools. If you are looking for a school event to host, learn about the benefits associated with live event painting. After you learn about the advantages and see the experience, you may make the painting an annual event.

1. School Fundraising

One of the biggest advantages of an event painting is the fundraising options for the school. You can create a special event out of the occasion and host a school fundraiser. After paying the fees for the performer, you can gain profits from food sales and other event options, like a basket raffle.

Many live event painters will give you the opportunity to keep the paintings that are created. To help increase profits, you could auction the paintings to students and parents who attend the event. You may also showcase other artwork for sale. For example, students can submit framed artwork and mixed media pieces to sell.

2. Curriculum Tie-Ins

Live-event speakers often create portraits. You can request portraits of historical figures to help tie in the activity to the current curriculum. For example, as you go through the advancements of science, you may commission a portrait for Albert Einstein. United States history classes could benefit from portraits made of former presidents.

Before the event takes place, you can receive a full list of options and see the various ways to tie the design into the children's education. The expansion of education could spark more interest in the subject.

3. School Assemblies

Holding events during the school day is an ideal way to give students a break and provide some entertainment for all the students. A school assembly is an ideal location to host the event painting as a special privilege or award. If you keep the paintings afterward, you also have the option to raffle off paintings to the student body.

Students who have earned special accomplishments can enter the raffle and have a chance to win the special prize.

4. Student Inspiration

Not only does the artwork provide entertainment, but it could provide inspiration for students. Students may feel more inspired to embark on more art-related activities like clubs and personal projects at home. Showcasing something unique and different can have a lasting impact on a child.

After the show, a child may seek out art supplies and tutorials to learn some skills on their own.