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3 Tips For Appreciating Abstract Stone Sculptures During Your Visit To An Art Museum

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If you are visiting an art museum that has an exhibit featuring abstract stone sculptures, you may wonder how you can learn to understand the art. Sometimes, the art does not seem to clearly represent something or convey a message. If so, use the three tips below on how to look at and appreciate an abstract stone sculpture.

Walk Around And Observe The Sculpture From All Angles

When you first approach an abstract sculpture, take the time to walk around it slowly. As you do, look at it from all angles, observing every line carved in the stone.

If it is permitted, touch the sculpture to feel the texture. However, ask before you reach out and put your hands on any artwork. Some museum may permit it, depending on the sculpture and its worth, while others may strictly forbid any contact with it.

If you cannot touch the stone, look as closely as you can to see the surface texture. It may be smooth or rough, depending on the amount of sanding done by the artist to create the effect they wanted.

As you move around the sculpture and take in all of the angles, try to develop a three-dimensional image of it in your head. This can help you during the next tip.

Stand Back And Stare At The Artwork

After getting a close-up view, stand back so you can see the entire sculpture. Then, just stare at it and go inside your mind as you move the mental image around in your head. 

As you stand and ponder the artwork, look deep inside yourself to see how the sculpture makes you feel. Many abstract sculptures are meant to represent and evoke emotions in the observer.

After taking it all in, come up with a possible interpretation of the abstraction. Once you have your own ideas as to the meaning, the next thing to do is to ask an expert.

Ask An Art Expert What The Sculpture Is Meant To Signify

With your own interpretations in your mind, ask an art expert or curator for the museum as to the meaning of the sculpture. If no one is around, look for a plaque on the wall or next to the statue to see if anything is written about it. Once you know the artist's meaning, see how it compares to the artist's rendering. 

Using the above tips can help you come to understand and appreciate the lines and imagery of modern abstract works of art. If you still have questions, you may want to speak with an art expert or the museum curator to learn more about how to interpret and discover the subtle meanings behind abstract stone sculptures. You can also talk to companies like Realism in Stone Inc.