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Tips For Encouraging Your Child To Persevere Through Not Being Good At An Activity

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No one likes being new at something. It can be a frustrating climb to feel as though you are failing at an activity that you chose because you aren't practiced in it. If you are trying to learn how to roller skate or play guitar, your muscles are likely not at all used to the motions that they need to go through in order for you to be successful. It can take countless repetitions for you to get good at this skill.

As an adult, you likely have a lot of experience trying new things, being bad at them, and then eventually practicing so that you are a lot better than when you started. However, your child might not have these experiences. Most of what your child has likely gone through is school, with a few extra-curricular activities. He or she might be able to pick up school subjects right off the bat, which means that he or she hasn't had to struggle a lot. This means that if he or she wants to pick up a new skill, such as learning an instrument, he or she will have to go through that painful period of being bad at the skill and not know how to handle it. Here are some tips for encouraging your child to persevere through being new at an activity.

1. Talk About Your Own Experiences

The first thing that you need to do is reassure your child that he or she will get better if he or she puts the time in. Don't raise your child's expectations too high and tell him or her that he or she will be the next rock star after a few weeks of a guitar practice. Just let your child know that it will get easier and therefore more fun. Talk about your own experiences in order to help him or her feel more motivated.

2. Practice With Your Child

If your child is taking guitar lessons, consider picking up a cheap guitar and practice with your child. Have him or her show you what he or she is learning in his or her lessons. This will help encourage your child to practice more and therefore get better more quickly, reducing the amount of time that he or she has to spend feeling new.

3. Don't Let Your Child Quit for a Few Months

Finally, it takes time for anyone to get good at anything. Don't let your child quit for the first few months that he or she is playing a sport or learning a new instrument. This will allow him or her to get the time that he or she needs to see improvement. 

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